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Hey guys.

Welcome back to my channel.

So today I’m going to be unboxing and reviewing the HP Stream Laptop.

This is gonna be a real unboxing and it’s also going to be a review, so I’m going to unbox it right now and then I’m gonna use it for a couple of days and come back and review the laptop.

All right, let’s just get right into the unboxing.

Who likes long intros? Not me.

Let’s go.

So the box says HP on the front and then.

On the side it talks about it a little bit and then it has like caution, talks about the description intel and more stuff.

Looks like we just slide it out like so.

Blue, that’s really cute I like that.

This is really cute.

I thought it was black on the inside but it’s that thing I don’t know what that is.

Let’s see what else is in here, probably a charger I assume.

Bingo, here’s the charger and a manual of sorts it looks like set up instructions.

And so.


So I’ll be back in a couple of days, to give you guys a review.

So, keep on watching.

So it has been a little over a week since I received the HP Street notebook, and I’m going to be giving you all my unbiased and honest opinion, and honest review about this.

So my first part about the notebook would have to be its size.

It’s extremely lightweight, and its screen is actually only 11.6 inches, measured diagonally.

And you can actually get the 13 inch one, but this one is the 11.6 inch one.

And then it only weighs 2.6 Pounds.

So the size of the screen is not too small and the laptop itself is actually the perfect size for someone who’s on the go.

Even though it’s a thinner laptop, you still get all of the ports that you would with a regular size laptop per se.

I actually placed the HP Stream and another laptop in my backpack to come in to film here and It wasn’t even heavy at all.

It just felt like the same weight.

So, if you’re traveling or especially if you’re a student with multiple classes in a day this laptop will be great for you because it is extremely transportable.

The next pro would be that you actually get a free subscription of Office 365 for a year.

So Office Personal 365 includes Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access, and a lot more.

And pretty much everyone, and especially students, need Office 365 personal.

You’re able to get a free subscription of that, which it usually costs $ 70 per year.

It’s just absolutely amazing and I love that it comes with that for free.

So with Office 365 Personal.

It’s actually included a free one year subscription of OneDrive.

And OneDrive gives you 1 TB of cloud storage.

So the laptop also comes with one free year of Dropbox which is 25 GB of cloud storage.

So you have The storage is on the computer and one terabyte of cloud storage and 25 gigabytes of cloud storage.

So and those last for a year.

My next pro is going to be something that’s a little bit superficial.

The color, I love the color.

It’s this really cute like baby blue sky blue color.

And usually laptops don’t come in such vibrant colors so when I saw that it came in this color I Amazed the HP Stream comes in the cutest colors and I love it.

So I’m going to be talking a little bit about the operating system.

The HP Stream runs on Windows 10 which is absolutely amazing.

I haven’t used a Windows operating system for some time but the Windows 10 is very simple to use and it also comes with Cortana which is basically your own personal assistant.

So in this next clip I’m just gonna demonstrate how to use Cortana.

Hey, Cortana? [ SOUND ] What’s the weather like tomorrow? [ SOUND ] The forecast for tomorrow shows partly sunny skies with a high of 76 And a low of 48.

So you can access Office 365 Apps, Xbox Live, email, the weather, and other apps quite easily from the start menu.

And also for someone who actually has used a Windows laptop for some time, Windows 10 is super easy to use.

It’s very smooth.

It took no time for me at all to get used to.

So I love Windows 10.

My next pro for the hp stream would be the battery life.

The hp lasts for 10 hours and 45 minutes.

So for the purpose of this video I actually decided to test the battery by fully charging overnight and then not charging it at all throughout the day.

On that day, I was using the HP Stream to browse the web, watch Netflix and YouTube videos, and type notes in Microsoft Word.

And the battery actually lasted the full time.

So my main and last pro about this laptop, Is the price.

The HP Stream retails for $ 200 on the HP websites.

So for all the features that you’re getting with this laptop for its price is just amazing.

I love all the features that it comes with and that the fact that it’s $ 200.

Totally affordable.

You get all of these subscriptions that cost a lot of money per year all for $ 200.

So, Great price point and everything that comes with it is amazing.

All in all, the HP Stream is a great laptop if you’re going to be using this laptop to take notes in class, or create Power Point presentations, or especially browse the web then the HP Stream is perfect for you.

Price point is amazing.

Especially for students on a budget.

And for all the application subscriptions like Office 365 and free cloud storage like Dropbox and OneDrive that you get.

It’s simply unbeatable.

Since I am a student, I’m a college student.

I know especially running between classes.

Having a lightweight laptop is very important because you don’t wanna hurt your back too much.

And the HP Stream It’s just that it’s lightweight, easy to take notes on, it’s just a very easy laptop is what I want to say, simple to use.

And I, I really like it.

Thank you guys so much for watching, be sure to leave me your questions down low if you have any, and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Bye guys.

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