OnePlus 6 unboxing New Phone

Yo, I’m Justo and welcome to this new video! As you can notice from the title, I got a new phone.

This phone isn’t just a phone, it’s the latest phone from OnePlus.

This is it, as you can see And for this device, I had to wait 5 hours in line! That’s because I picked it up in Utrecht, on a pop-up event.

As you can see, we’re now on my desk and we’re now going to unbox it.

I took off the plastic as you can see and now the only thing that’s left, is the box.

On this side, you’ll see ‘OnePlus 6’ on the box.

The other side says: “The Speed You Need” Okay, let’s open it up for the first time ever.

I’m super excited! Almost.

There it is! For the people who were wondering, I got the Midnight Black version The back is completely made out of glass, the front.

too of course! I’ll take it out of the box for you It’s.

very tight in the box.

Oh, there it is Look at that! Of course, I’ll remove this text, but I’ll do that in a moment I am super happy with it, let’s take off the plastic.

Okay, it’s already getting dirty with my fingerprints all over it.

Let’s have a look at what else is in the box As we can see, there’s a small ‘6’ here If we take this off, we’ll probably find some more stuff I already know that some things are hidden inside here, For example, this phone case that I’m gonna be using.

And some other stuff that we might need.

We also have the charger, this one and the charging cable This phone has ‘Dash charging’, as you can see.

What this does, is it charges your phone insanely fast! And with that, I really mean “insanely fast” In 30 minutes, you can charge your phone for up to 60% And that is REALLY fast This is the back of my OnePlus 6 As I mentioned, I chose the kinda matte black version What’s weird, is that this back is made out of glass While you might not think so, it really is.

I put my old phone next to my new phone.

The big difference that you’ll immediately notice, are these bezels Because my new phone doesn’t have that It has a really thin bezel at the bottom.

and a notch at the top Let’s turn it on! That looks fancy.

! I’ll give you a quick tour through the phone I put the case on my phone and I’m now downloading Whatsapp My phone is currently doing an update I hope that you really liked this video If you did, don’t forget to like and subscribe, because there’ll be a lot more videos with this phone I can’t wait to share a lot of things with you guys If you want to see that, subscribe to my channel and turn on the notifications! Thank you for watching, as I mentioned, I hope you liked it Don’t forget to like and subscribe and comment on this video If you’re going to buy this phone, leave a comment too I’ll put a link in the description if you want to but it And you can order it from there I hope I see you in the next video.

Bye bye!.

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