ASUS VS248H P 24 Full HD 1920×1080 2ms HDMI DVI VGA Back lit LED Monitor Unboxing Review

ASUS VS248H P 24 Full HD 1920×1080 2ms HDMI DVI VGA Back lit LED Monitor Unboxing Review Hello YouTube, what’s up in this jacket are seven and um today? I’m going to be giving you guys an unboxing of the Asus vs2 for 8 LED monitor I Do have cold so that’s why my voice sounds all messed up But I’m going to give you guys this unboxing it anyway of this pretty cool monitor.

I ordered I’m off of the Amazon a couple of days ago It did ship a little late because of the holidays Because of New Year’s and all that so uh you have it now, so I’m gonna do an unboxing So Cayman is really clean box um we have the logo right there Or the model number and then down here.

We have Asus logo, and we have LED backlit right there full HD 1080p and then that’s looks like 50 million to One high contrast smart view and Video intelligence technology, so uh yeah, let’s open this up and take a look it See one inside the box Alright guys, so here.

It is inside the box um we have some staff from underneath them over the monitor So I’ll just show you guys What’s in the box on top of the liner yourself? We have a Suzy VIP? Member notice.

I’m not sure what this is but yeah um Basic manual telling us how to turn it on and what each one does Because they’re not labeled a they’re numbered, so I’m robably gonna have to save this because this is fair your inputs and stuff Then over here we have your power cord comes and actually a pretty nice lair push this back a little bit Those are actually pretty nice bag it is reusable You know probably not gonna reuse it, but that’s always nice so yeah, that’s our power cord that plugs into the back of the monitor This looks like a DVI This does not come with HDMI, but the monitor is HDMI is an HD monitor.

It does have HDMI Ports just didn’t show with the cable Cuz it’s not standard.

I guess Expensive well.

No no I you can get really cheap on there like there’s a The DVI like it told you there’s two different types of connections on TV.

I I’m not sure the names Person I usually don’t use it.

I’m going to start so I’ll just show you what it looks like Because there’s two different ones I’ll show you the other side there the other side and Yeah, it’s it’s a pretty decent cable so This here looks like we have another All there DV.

Is these are not in reusable bags only the power cord was your find a little funny so if you’re not going to do it to all the Eggs and why would you do it? I’m gonna do this I? Hate being sick, I really do this is actually this is actually VGA and No one I usually I have used VGA It’s like the only thing I use but now I’m like donald vga moving into HDMI and stuff well I have used HDMI, but all my other monitors that have really weren’t HDMI monitors, so I really just used vgj VGA medium DVI Cables, but yet here we so we have our cables that we get our DVI and VGA Then we also have our power Alrighty so you have one more thing and here is the It’s round 2 round stand Yeah a pretty nice stand pretty heavy actually Looks pretty nice right there My I need a new a new Tripod but yeah it has it pretty easy things and Tightening all that stuff Yeah, it’s metal.

It’s pretty cool.

Cos is outside all day So yeah, let’s take a look at the monitor itself which is in here already so I took the monitor out of the box and Sorry for my arm shot there we go So yes is the monitor it is pretty big I’m going to give you guys a little pan Of it.

That’s my knife over there, but off.

Here’s this is the monitor, so I’m not real quick That’s my little Android Just so yeah, we have this splendid splendid to try anything.

I don’t know what that is evolve our buttons brightness We have this is also a down button it up on menu Input and on the we also have Energy Star So let’s say it’s an Energy Star word product Smart View two millisecond response time and HDCP support 50 million to one high contrast full 1080p and then the the S 2 for 8 HP LED monitor Yes, so it does feels pretty sturdy, I’m going to mount it to the base now take this off Yeah Take the wrapping off actually no, I can’t wait to do that It goes like this Here’s a shot of the back.

I’m gonna show the back just show that once I mount this on It’s pretty easy to mount The monitor onto the stand all you really do is just line it up with the holes and the screws And then you just turn it the way 22 in this case it is clockwise to lock and counterclockwise to I’ll not get Tighten it pretty much out of the way as much as it could go so Yeah, it looks pretty good, so I’ll stand it up and show you guys, but back Here’s a shot of the back almost a man We have looks like a heat vent or some type of event up here We have the Asus logo on the back Trying to take this tape off, but we have right here.

We have one This is where you would mount it if you have a even amount that to a wall or I’m on understand Which I’m actually gonna do a my probably plan on getting three of these and putting them in a triple monitor setup So then we have our power connector over here This is where you would plug in that power cord, then right here.

We have our HDMI or DVI or VGA and Headphone in well not just headphone and then over here Take you guys beside it is pretty thin You can see It’s pretty big compared to what I was using Large monitors, so there’s a pretty Significant difference I guess you’d say the stand does feel a little flimsy.

I have to say I don’t really like the stand but Whatever I plan on mouthing at anyone.

Let me take this tape off Looks pretty nice So yeah, it feels pretty sturdy besides I forget what you would call this, but on the side the best side bezel is you can sits there, but it’s pretty small it’s um I’ll give you guys our close-up And it’s per actually pretty small it’s the size of my finger next to it.

It’s a little bit bigger than my Yeah like a little bit bigger than my fingernail So yeah, it’s actually a pretty small bezel, but uh yeah So I really so far.

I really like this monitor.

It’s pretty big but Something that I’m run away.

I don’t like is how much this moves.

That’s one thing.

I really don’t like So yeah, I really think that’s it for this review guys So I plan on doing I mean unboxing I do plan on doing review on us So I yeah, hope you guys enjoyed this video, please rate comment subscribe and I’ll see you my next video.

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