The Best Gaming Laptop Under $1000 (2017)

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– Hey guys, this is Austin.

This just might be the best gaming laptop that you can buy for less than $1,000.

When it comes to laptopsthat are meant for gaming, they are usually in one of two camps, either the really cheap and usually don’t haveeither any dedicated graphics or pretty bad ones, or they’re incredibly expensive,huge, thick and heavy, but I think this actually is a sort of nice blend of the two.

So this is the Dell Inspiron 7567.

Yo, this is actually nota bad looking laptop.

Now if red is a littlebit too much for you, you can actually get it inblack, but that stands out.

Open it up and you will see that it’s a little bit of a bigger laptop.

So we’re rocking a 15.6inch 1080p display.

However, what’s special is on the inside, as not only is this rocking a Kaby Lake Core i5 quad core processor, it’s also got dedicatedGTX 1050Ti graphics.

Before we get too far into it though, let’s see what else we get in the box, which doesn’t really seem like much.

We pretty much just geta power cable in the box, but that’s not a really big deal, because this has pretty mucheverything we need built in.

So unlike most laptops these days, we actually get full sized USB ports.

There’s also HDMI, there’s ethernet.

This is absolutely a gaming laptop.

Now sure, it’s a little bit big and a little bit heavy, but considering what we’regetting inside it’s not crazy.

So that we’re up andrunning with the Inspiron, there are a few thingsthat jump out to me, and the first is the screen.

It’s not great.

So it is at least 1080p, but the issue is is that not only are thecolors sort of mediocre, but it is a very, very and arrow viewing angle.

So if I get it in just theright spot it looks fine, but all it takes is movingit just a little bit farther and the entire thing washes out.

It reminds me of a much cheaper laptop, and while yes, this is definitely a laptop that is made to a budget, right, so they put pretty much all the money into stuff like the CPU, the GPU, the SSD, which is not a crazy call, but even if there’sanother 50 or $100 upgrade to get a better screen, Iwould absolutely take it.

It’s fine, it’s usable,but it’s not great.

Hey guys, this is Austin.

This computer is a little bit different.

That is not bad.

So in addition to the standardtwo speakers on the Inspiron, there’s actually a dedicated subwoofer.

So it’s right down herebelow the palm rest, and it’s a surprisinglyloud and rich sound.

For a laptop, it’s kindof rare to have a sub, but it really does giveyou a lot more definition, a lot more bass, it’sa much punchier sound than I’m used to.

The keyboard is decent.

So I would say it’s a little bit on the mushy side of things, but the layout is nice, you do have that fullnumber row on the side, and it’s also backlit.

Now it might not be winning any awards, but this is completely usable.

The webcam isn’t too special.

So it’s 720p, and while itdoes have dual microphones, the video quality just isn’t that great, fine for a quick video call, but not for much more than that.

The track pad is also completely fine.

So it supports multi-touch, the tracking is reasonably accurate, but honestly, a lot of this stuff isn’t really all that exciting.

What really separates the Inspiron from most other laptopsin this price category is the performance.

Inside the Inspiron it’s rocking a quad core Intel Core i5-7300HQ, NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti graphics, and those are paired witheight gigabytes of memory, as well as a 256 gigabyte SSD.

So one of the games Iwanted to try is GTA 5, and while this might bea slightly older title, it can still be pretty taxing, and as you can see hereat 1080p ultra settings, we’re getting anywhere between40 to 50 frames per second.

Next we have Overwatch, and I think this is a good example of a game that runs reallywell on the Inspiron.

So the 1050Ti might not beable to handle 4K gaming, but at 1080p ultra we’regetting a really solid 70 frames per second.

This is the only model of the Inspiron that comes with pure SSD storage, in this case 256 gigabytes.

So it’s a SATA drive, so you shouldn’t expectany kind of crazy speeds, but here we’re getting about 400 on the read and about 330 megabytes on the write.

It might not be thefastest thing in the world, but it’s gonna be a lot better than any of the hard drive models.

So there are multipleconfigurations of this guy.

So this is the mid spec model, but if you want to savea little bit of money, you can drop it down to GTX 1050 graphics and a one terabyte hard drive, or if you want to upgrade it you can throw somethings in like a Core i7, but really I feel like thisis the sort of sweet spot, as the other models get well over $1,000 and you’re really not gonna be getting a lot more performance.

So with a single screw we can take off the bottom of the laptop.

There is actually a lotof room for upgrades here.

So as far memory goes, we haveeight gigs in here right now, but you can easily bumpthat up to 16 or 32 gigs.

There’s a completely open 2.5 inch drive bay, so here if you want you could put in not only a hard drive but an SSD, whatever you want to getsome additional storage.

Over here we have the M.2 SATA drive.

So it won’t really be anyfaster than a normal SSD, but as you can see it’s a lot smallar and it does give us that full drive bay.

It’s actually a pretty clean layout here.

You can see the dualfans with the heat pipe between the CPU and GPU.

The subwoofer isactually surprisingly big.

It takes up a lot of room.

And of course, we havethe battery here, too, which looks super easy to remove.

I’ve gotta say it’s been a while since I’ve opened up a laptopthat’s this easy to work on.

There is a lot to like with the Inspiron.

For $850, it makes a solidgaming or editing laptop, and while the screen could be better, there’s really not alot to complain about.

So what do you guys think? Definitely be sure to let meknow in the comments below and I will catch you on the next one.

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