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However, we have kept them in the list because they are still available to buy at reduced prices, sometimes refurbished. […]

Size: width-14.5 inches / 37 cm, height-10.4 inches / 26.5 cm, thickness-4.3 inches / 11 cm Style: casual, vintage Package […]

Dell has joined retailers such as Amazon, Walmart by teasing with the Black Friday Dell is known for offering best […]

lending this laptop a unique advantage that many in its category lack. Props to my colleague Dan Seifert for calling […]

Focused instead on top mobile products, like iPhone and iPad with the 13-inch size left standing. It’s the only Mac […]

That means it’s touchscreen-ready, and well suited to the 2-in-1 devices we’re seeing a lot We’ll be posting details of […]

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