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Cedar America Natural Aromatic Cedar Wood Blocks, 1-Pack (8 Blocks)

  • NATURE AT HOME! Natural Cedar wood blocks that deodorize and refresh! Leave your living and storage spaces smelling fresh and outdoorsy
  • POWERFUL DEODORIZER: Cedar blocks absorb odors and eliminate them, leaving behind a fresh, outdoorsy scent that refreshes the mind and calms the body!
  • NATURAL INSECT REPELLANT: Cedar blocks are a natural insect repellent, and keep away insects and pests such as moths and other bugs.
  • ELMINIATES FUNGUS: Cedar blocks absorb moisture and eliminate mould and mildew, thus protecting your valuables and clothes.
  • FANTASTIC VALUE! The Cedar Blocks 24 pack offers fantastic value for money, and provides multiple features, all at a very reasonable price! Bring home nature, Today!

Closet Essentials - Fresh Red Cedar Blocks Pest Moth Repellent Storage Accessories 1- Pack ( 8 Blocks )

Brand: Moth-Tech
  • Fresh Cedar: 100% nature and safe, It can effectively replace the moth balls.
  • Original Smell Which Is LASTING: Its scent comes from its natural aromatic oils, it is lasting, pests can't stand and far away from your Storage system.
  • Repel All The Pests: repel all types of insects away from your closet, your storage boxes, and other storage system. Protect your valuables and clothes from harmful moths, roaches and spiders...
  • Repel Insects, Also Natural Fresheners: cedar blocks eliminates mildew by reducing the moisture, Cedar eliminates odors are natural air fresheners.
  • ALL 8 pcs, Each: 0.75H x 1.5W x 2.5D, Throw away the moth balls and own these, nature, safe, Effectively repel insects, also bring the freshness of the outdoors into your home.

Cedar Green C316 Aromatic Cedar Blocks, 36-Piece

  • Aromatic cedar blocks eliminates mildew by reducing the moisture in your shoes
  • Cedar blocks repel all types of insects away from your closet; Protect fine fabrics from harmful moths
  • Cedar is an environmentally friendly and safe alternative to chemicals
  • Cedar eliminates odors, insects and mildew
  • Bring the freshness of the outdoors into your home

Ollieroo 10 Pack Moth Protection Repellent Cedar Hang Up with Light Cedar Fragrance Odour Protection for wardrobes Large Size 9.05"x 2.6"x 0.4"

Brand: Ollieroo
  • Brand: Ollieroo┬«
  • Cedar Hang Ups absorb moisture and humidity protecting against mildew and odor; These natural aromatic oils in the cedar are safe and effective air fresheners that also repel pests like moths and spiders
  • Its scent and pest-control properties come from its natural aromatic oils, so you can be sure that you get effective protection without harmful side effects and by products
  • Each Product Dimensions: L 9.05" x W 2.6" x D 0.4" ; Takes up very little space in closet, storage bag, or locker
  • Please kindly note: It is made of Natural Red Cedar with ORIGINAL SMELL which is LIGHT and LASTING ( You may only smell the fragrance when put them under your nose but it does not influence the effect) ; To refresh the wood, sand it to expose fresh fibers. These fresh fibers have that all-important oil that makes cedar so powerful. Or, use Cedar Power Spray, a distilled version of that natural oil that can be sprayed on cedar for the same freshening effect

Huji Natural Non-Toxic Cedar Wood Hang Ups and Cedar Moth Mildew Repellent Blocks for Clothes Coats Closet Storage (4 Cedar Hangers and 12 Blocks)

Brand: Huji
  • Set Includes:4 cedar hangers+ 12 cedar blocks
  • Aromatic cedar hang-ups eliminates mildew by reducing the moisture in your closet
  • Cedar hang-ups repel all types of insects away from your closet; Protect fine fabrics from harmful moths
  • Cedar eliminates odors
  • Cedar is an environmentally friendly and safe alternative to chemicals

Household Essentials 97204 CedarFresh Red Cedar Wood Closet Value Pack - 2 Cedar Hang Ups and 6 Cedar Blocks

  • 8-piece set of 100% red cedar storage and closet accessories to freshen and protect closets, and drawers
  • 8 piece value pack includes 6 blocks and 2 hang ups
  • Non-staining cedar naturally freshens and repels pests and mustiness
  • Refresh cedar's aromatic properties with sand paper or CedarFresh spray (sold separately).
  • 6 blocks: 2.75"H x 2"W x .5"D; 2 hang ups: 9.375"H x 2"W x .5"D

Closet Essentials Red Cedar Clothes Protector and Moth Repellent Storage Accessories 1-Pack (12 Blocks)

  • Chemical Free:Safely and naturally repels pests, moths, mildew and mustiness without chemicals for your closet and other storage needs.Unlike chemical moth balls or moth ball equivalents.
  • Protect your valuables and clothes:Moths or other pests will destroy your precious books and expensive clothes,Cedar blocks are a natural insect repellent, and keep away insects and pests such as moths and other bugs.
  • Long-lasting: revitalize scent by sanding cedar,when you find the smell is not strong enough. polished wood surface, will be strong again. Natural aroma, pests can't stand, far away from your Storage system.
  • 100% Natural and Renewable:Eastern red cedar is harvested from renewable forests. Eastern red cedar is naturally fast-growing, so it is a reliable and sustainable resource. Its growth and processing is safe without the harsh byproducts of chemical pest control and air fresheners.
  • Red cedar is the best natural alternative to chemical moth balls. So protect your home and family nature's way, with the freshness and protection of cedar.Cuboid 12 Each: 0.8H x 2W x 2.8D, Bring the freshness of the outdoors into your home.

Home Zone - Moth Repellent Hanging Cedar Wood Block with Odour Protection for wardrobes, closets & cloakrooms etc by Home Zone

Brand: Home Zone
  • Deters moths, insects and woodpests from laying eggs on clothes hanging in your wardrobe
  • Significantly reduces the amount of moisture in the air - keeps your clothes smelling fresh
  • Easy to hang in your wardrobe with metal hanging hooks attached to the blocks
  • Possible to store the blocks in your garment bags if they have a front pocket
  • Freshen up your room with the light, fresh cedar aroma the blocks emit

Cedar Elements Cedar Essential Combo Pack #1

  • All contents are made from US-grown Aromatic Red Cedar
  • Contains: 20 cedar rings, 5 cedar hanging blocks, 6 cedar sachets, 40 count bag of cedar balls
  • All products repel insects, moths, mildew, and mustiness without harsh chemicals or residues
  • Beautiful wood grain and aromatic wood smell

CedarAmerica amab24 Scent Blocks, Set of 24

  • Fresh Cut All Natural Aromatic Cedar
  • Absorb moisture and unpleasant odor's
  • Safe for the environment
  • Sand lightly to renew the aroma
  • American Grown American Made

People says about Cedar Blocks Comparison

It's just perfect! Everything works. It came about one day after it said it would come but, it was worth the wait! If you're looking for something small to take to school or on vacation, then this is great. What's also great is that is very light so you can probably put Cedar Blocks in a purse.