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Backpack Pillow Inflatable Ultralight Portable Camping Pillow Pillow for Hiking Picnic Travel Car Neck Protective Pilliow with Black Sleeping Mask as Gift

  • Easy Inflation and Deflation: with the simple Air valve allow you to quick inflate the pillow in 3-5 breaths and fast deflation in seconds, to deflate just open the valve bottom and roll it from the other side to the valve side
  • Soft and Ergonomic: made of 80% Polyester and 20% TPU coating, comfortable to lay on. The pillow is contoured designed to fully support your head/neck/spine, with the help of the black sleeping mask to provide you a good night sleep and noon brerak
  • Ultralight Portable and Coompact: only weights 120g/4.23oz and stored into a tiny stuff sack with a package size of 10cm*6cm10cm*6cm*6cm(3.93*2.36*2.36 inches), easy to be carried with you for anywhere. Inflated size of 42cm*32cm*13cm(16.5*12.5*5.1 inches), a proper size as a pillow or for back support
  • Anti sleep and Multi Function: using the slip resist material for the pillow back to prevent slipping and keep the pillow stays there while sleeping. A air pillow for various outdoor activities like camping hiking picnic travel backpacking, and can be also used as a lumbar support for your office chair
  • Get a Sound Sleep or Money Back: Satisfying shopping experience is our top priority, we promise you lifetime warranty, if anything goes wrong, simply to use you right to gain 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE or A NEW REPLACEMENT

Trekology Ultralight Inflating Travel / Camping Air Pillows (orange (new valve))

Brand: Trekology
  • THE MOST COMPACT ULTRALIGHT INFLATABLE CAMP PILLOW ON THE MARKET - folds to the size of less than a soda can (only 5 x 2 inches!), and inflate to a comfortable head or lumber support. This backpacking pillow can be easily carried in your backpack or pocket for easy access! Weighs only 2.75 oz (78g) - an ultralight camping gear for backpacker & all!
  • New! IMPROVED ERGONOMIC DESIGN for better neck support so you can get a good sleep! Inflates to 16 x 12 x 4 inch, which is a proper size as a pillow or for back support. Get a sound sleep Or Your Money Back!
  • New! ENHANCED COMFORT and DURABILITY: Enhanced design and layers for head support that is constructed from strong, durable, water-resistant, elastic TPU fabric. Whether you're leisurely vacationing with your family, camping for the weekend, or backpacking the mountains - this is the best air travel pillow!
  • EASY to INFLATE and DEFLATE - To inflate, open exterior valve and click black button to UP position to close air release. Inflate by mouth. To adjust firmness, press black button partway down. To deflate, click black button to DOWN position to open air release.
  • SLIP-RESISTANT - The pillow back is made of slip resist material to prevent slipping so it stays here while you rest. Always ensures you have a good night sleep! Pairs well with air inflatable sleeping pads

ChillaX UltraLight Camping Pillow - Compressible, Compact, Inflatable, Comfortable, Ergonomic Pillow for Neck & Lumber Support and a Good Night Sleep while Camp, Backpacking (Orange)

Brand: Chillax
  • IMPROVED ERGONOMIC DESIGN for ENHANCED COMFORT, EFFICIENCY and DURABILITY: The Chillax inflatable pillow ensures the best neck and head support for back, side and stomach sleepers. It is constructed from strong, durable, water-resistant, elastic TPU fabric. Whether you're backpacking with your family, camping for the weekend, hiking the mountains or you simply need a lumbar support - this is the best air pillow!
  • ADJUSTABLE and MULTI-FUNCTION: the most compact and ultralight inflatable camping pillow inflates in seconds to 16 x 12 x 4 inch, which is a proper size for a good sleeping pillow or for a back support and it folds back into a small sack that is only 5 x 2 inches (less than a soda can) and weights only 2.75oz (78g). It can be easily carried in your backpack or pocket for easy access.
  • EASY TO INFLATE AND DEFLATE: Simply twist open the top portion of the double-decked air valve and blow air into it, it will only require 3-5 breaths for increased firmness. To deflate, open the bottom of the valve and roll the pillow towards the valve opening. The specially designed Two Way Valve prevent the air leak, so there will be no need of inflating it during night and you will be able to have a good night sleep.
  • SLIP-RESISTANT - The back is made of slip resist material that prevents the blow up travel pillow from unwanted sliding. It also comes with a Sleeping Mask, a sleep aid and eye relaxer, made of 100% top-quality silk, super-soft, super-smooth that offers the breathable, cool relaxation of the soothing masks found at the world's premier spas. Always ensures you have a relaxing good night sleep!
  • NO RISK PURCHASE. Making you a happy customer is our main goal. Just try it, and if you don't absolutely Love it, send us a message and we will Refund or Replace your Purchase, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Moon Lence Ultralight Inflatable Travel/Camping Pillow-Soft&Exquisite Fabric,Compact,Compressible,Ergonomic Design For Side Sleepers and Neck&Lumber Support When Camping,Traveling,Backpacking

Brand: moon lence
  • Soft,Durable And Reliable : It has a matte surface, so it is SLIP RESISTANT and pleasant to touch.We use durable and elastic TPU fabric.Which means it won`t puncture easily and the specially designed Two Way Valve prevent the air leak,so there's no worry about get up and inflate it in the middle of the night,just have a good sleep
  • Comfortable And Ergonomic Design For Neck & Lumber Support And Side Sleeper:The contoured shape design supports the cervical spine ,head and
  • Super Compact Ultralight Inflatable Camping Pillow:Folding size:5 x 2 inches,smaller than a coke can, weights only 2.75 oz (78g).It can be easily carried in your backpack or pocket for easy access.
  • Easy To Inflate And Deflate:Simply open the top portion of the double-decked air valve and blow air into it, only 3-5 breaths.Open the bottom of the valve to deflate,only in seconds.
  • Brand Quality & Money Back Guarantee: It's a perfect camping gear that you must have for outdoor activities like camping, traveling, backpacking, or as a lumbar support for your sofa or office chair and it also a close intimate gift for your friends and families.We offer you a 100% money back and life-time guarantee to make it an absolutely risk-free purchase.

2.4 oz. Ultralight Backpacking / Camping Inflatable Air Pillow - Perfect and Convenient for Carry On Travel, Sport Events, Motorcycle Trips, Trains and Lumbar Support By Instant Camp (Orange)

  • ULTRALIGHT and RELIABLE: At only 2.4 ounces, it is ONE of the LIGHTEST camp and travel pillows on the market so you can take it anywhere in the world. A must pack item for smart travelers!
  • CONVENIENCE: Folds effortlessly back into its stuff sack to about the size of a deck of cards, making it convenient and easy to travel with. The ability to inflate and deflate in seconds makes it truly the ideal resource for people on the go.
  • RELIABILITY and UNIQUE DESIGN: Two center baffles are designed to create an inviting place to cradle your head, providing stability and keeping your head where it should be and STAYS INFLATED throughout the night.
  • COMFORT: The premium quality nylon has a much better feel than other plastic covered alternatives. Great for STOMACH, BACK and SIDE SLEEPERS.
  • DETAILS: Packed: 0.15 lb. (approx: 4"x1.5"x3") --- Fully inflated: (approx: 18"x10.75"x6") --- It doesn't have foam and does not self inflate. Requires 2.5 to 5 breaths to fully inflate. Works well with Klymit, Teton, and backpacking sleeping pads/mats.

Inflatable Camping Pillow 2 Pack, 3.2oz Ultralight Inflatable Travel Pillow for Backpacking, Soft Top Fabric Anti-slip Base by REDCAMP

  • Versatile: REDCAMP ultralight camping pillow 2 Pack,excellent for sleeping on airplane, car, bus and train etc., we got customers using it at home or office for watching TV, reading, studying, and napping.If you go to the camping, you can use with REDCAMP ULTRALIGHT SERIES, sleeping bag and sleeping pad, make sure you have a comfortable trip.
  • Most Comfortable and Worm:Inflatable travel pillow for backpacking with a 75D×150D brushed polyester peach skin safety material.Soft and comfortable helps relieve your fatigue.Adjustable firmness, perfect for all sleeping positions.
  • Anti-slip and Anti-noise:The latest 75D anti-slip polyester with dots design in the back of the backpacking sleeping pad for camping, effective in preventing sliding and noise from sleeping, make sure you're getting quality sleep.
  • Ultralight and Portable:Lightweight backpacking pillow small size as same as a palm after folding.Weighs only 3oz - an ultralight camping gear for backpacker & all! Simply twist open the air valve and blow air into it. To deflate, open the bottom of the valve and roll the pillow towards the valve opening.
  • Perfect Gift: Excellent travel accessories gift for birthdays,valentine's day, mother's day, father's day, weddings, graduations.Our compressible pillow for camping won't let you down

Ultralight Inflatable Backpacking / Camping Pillows - Compressible, Comfortable, Compact for Traveling, Lumbar Back Support, Hiking, Airplanes - Restful Sleep for Camp - Instant Camp Air Cloud (Blue)

  • ONE OF THE MOST LIGHTWEIGHT and COMPACT PILLOWS YOU WILL FIND: Worth it's weight in GOLD! Don't go pillowless, go "Air Light" with our newest pillow. An amazing combination of weight, size and convenience. PACKED:~ 4" x 3" x 1.5" INFLATED:~ 18"x11"x 6" Weight: Only 3oz.!
  • COMFORTABLE and RELIABLE TO HELP YOU GET YOUR PRECIOUS SLEEP: The PREMIUM QUALITY elastic stretch polyester is DURABLE, STRONG and MADE TO LAST, but SOFT and COZY for your face with just the right amount of flex. NO PILLOWCASE NEEDED and STAYS INFLATED all night long. SWEET DREAMS in 1, 2, zzZ.
  • CONVENIENT ENOUGH TO TAKE ANYWHERE and UNIQUE: Transforms from the size of a deck of cards to 18" x 11" x 6". Unique center baffles keep your head supported and stabilized in the middle and fabric enables MINIMAL SLIPPING AND SLIDING. It's LIGHTER, PACKS SMALLER and INFLATES LARGER than most alternatives.
  • EASY TO INFLATE, DEFLATE and ADJUST: It's a Pillow, Back Rest, and Lumbar Support. Adjust the air to your preferred firmness and height. Just twist the air valve and in JUST A FEW BREATHS, you'll have a fully inflated pillow. Works well with Klymit, Teton and other amping pads/mats.
  • PRACTICAL ULTRALIGHT and PACKABLE OPTION FOR ANY EVENT OR TRIP: The uses are almost endless. Traveling, Hiking, Camp, Backpack, Outdoor events, Beach, Boy Scout trips, On the Airplane, Bus, Train, Motorcycle, Bicycle camping, Sporting events, Concerts...

MARCHWAY Ultralight Compact Inflatable Camping Pillow - Soft Compressible Portable for Outdoor Camp Travel Sport Hiking Backpacking (Deep Blue)

  • Ultralight and Super Compact: Weighs only 2.8 oz, and packs down to a stuff sack smaller than palm that can attach to backpack, belt or place into your pocket. Suitable for camping, backpacking, or for car, bus, train and airplane traveling.
  • Comfortable and Durable: Pillow fabric is elastic polyester coat with TPU that is a completely environment friendly material. It is flexure, wear, fracture and water resistant, and with superior skin-touch performance. Remain soft even in extreme cold season. Easily wash with mild soap and water to clean up your pillow after travel.
  • Ergonomic Shape Design: Two wide grooves in the pillow center cradle your head in supportive position and prevent head sliding. The arc bottom edge reaches to neck root which can better support your neck no matter you lie on your back or on your side.
  • Quick Inflate and Deflate: Unique two-layer one way valve makes you to inflate in 3-5 breaths. The upper layer valve is for air in only, no air out when inflate. The lower layer valve is for air out only, can fully deflate in 2 seconds. You can adjust the pillow firmness freely by blowing.
  • Versatility: This ultralight camp pillow can also be used as car or chair waist cushion to protect your lumbar.

Inflatable Camping Pillow - the Ultralight OutSmart Camp Pillows Provide Comfortable Sleeping when Traveling, Backpacking or Camping while Packing Light - 2.75 oz

Brand: OutSmart
  • COMFORTABLE & ERGONOMIC: The OutSmart Inflatable Camping Pillow is the best choice when you go backpacking. It has an ergonomic design, carefully engineered to support your head while keeping it in place. It truly is THE BEST INFLATABLE TRAVEL PILLOW for back, side and stomach sleepers or lumbar support. Simply adjust the desired level of inflation. Fully inflated, it has the following dimensions: 17.3 x 13 x 5.1 in
  • ULTRALIGHT & COMPACT BACKPACKING GEAR: With a weight of only 2.75oz it is the lightest camp pillow on the market. After you fold it and slide it in it`s specially designed compression pouch, it takes less space than a soda can (only 5 x 2.35 x 2.35 in). This means you will take this inflatable pillow in your backpack wherever you go
  • RELIABLE: We use durable and elastic coated TPU fabric which means that he camping pillow won`t puncture easily and it will maintain its shape over time. It has a matte surface, so it is SLIP RESISTANT and pleasant to touch
  • EASY TO USE: The specially designed Two Way Valve allows you to inflate the pillow to the right amount of firmness in a matter of seconds. The deflation is instant - simply pull the second level valve and the pillow is ready to be tucked in it's pouch. You can pair it with Klymit or Outdoorsmanlab inflatable sleeping pads
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE the OutSmart Camping Pillow! Our company is renowned for World Class customer service, thousands of happy customers and 100% Positive Seller Feedback on Amazon. Because we trust the quality of our products, we have a 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Try it!

Lightweight Backpack, Foldable Packable & Ultralight | Light Travel Daypack

Brand: RovEasy
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & FOLDABLE - Only 5.75oz! This light daypack fits in your pocket or purse and converts from pocket to daypack in seconds! This small packable backpack completely folds into a small internal pocket for easy carrying and storage. (See image) Perfect for day hikes, theme park outings, sports. So handy.
  • STRONG & DURABLE - Your RovEasy ultralight backpack is made by specialist bag manufacturers from high quality genuine nylon Ripstop 210D fabric that is wear and tear resistant. These minimalist small backpacks have strong mesh-lined shoulder straps, reinforced seams and strong zippers, and handy elasticized mesh side pockets for drink bottles, umbrella or small camera.
  • QUALITY WATER RESISTANT FABRIC - Multipurpose nylon backpack is water resistant and excellent to keep in your car as an extra carry bag for day hikes, the gym, outdoors activities, sports, shopping or jackets. It's a great diaper bag leaving your hands free for children and pushing a stroller.
  • HANDS FREE TRAVEL ADVENTURES - Very useful lightweight travel backpack and light foldable daypack. Perfect as a day hike backpack or as a carry-on in-cabin bag for the items you need to have with you during a flight or to keep in your car for everyday convenience. Stylish black men's and woman's backpack.
  • BONUS - "93 Tips To Improve Your Travel Experience" available to all purchasers plus genuine 100% Money-back Lifetime Guarantee.

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It's just perfect! Everything works. It came about one day after it said it would come but, it was worth the wait! If you're looking for something small to take to school or on vacation, then this is great. What's also great is that is very light so you can probably put Backpack Pillow in a purse.