Hi, I’m Kevin Wentzel, HP’s Technical Marketing Manager for consumer PCs.

This is our brand new Envy 13-Inch Notebook for 2017.

First thing you notice about it, it’s available in two colors.

We’ve got a natural silver and a gold color.

Both of these, though, are extremely thin, really light, really easy to carry around, and we’ve gone with some new design features.

We’ve got the angular effect on here, which just gives it a little bit more of a sophisticated look than our previous rounded look.

Well, we’ve still got plenty of connectivity with USB type A, type C, on both sides.

When I open it up, one of the things you need to notice about it is as I open it, the display lifts up the chassing slightly.

And that’s great for cooling.

It means great airflow through the bottom and out the top.

So, as you’re using this machine, if you’re doing some rendering or something like that, which you certainly can, you’ll get that airflow.

It’s got a 13-inch display, but with the narrow bezels, it uses up far less desktop real estate than the 13-inch display machine used to.

One thing you notice, actually, these bezels are about five and a half millimeters, which is about a third of the bezel width of the previous generation.

The top bezel is also narrower, but not as much.

And there’s a really good reason for that.

We’ve got the webcam in the top.

So that means when you’redoing a video chat, you’ve got a nice view of your face, unlike some of our competition that’s done something different.

So, we kept that webcam on the top bezel where it belongs.

Speakers, audio is important on these machines.

We’ve got four speakers.

Two on the top.

Two on the bottom.

And those are backed up by second generation of HP Audio Boost, discrete amplifiers for each channel, and, of course, our Bang & Olufsen audio tune in.

The keyboard is full size.

Easy typing experience.

And full travel.

On the touchpad, we’ve got a new innovation being available on the touchpad.

It’s called SecurePad.

And that means you can actually put a fingerprint reader in the touchpad and use that for Windows Hello or for secure transactions in shopping.

The display is available both in a full HD display and a 4K display.

And at that 4K display, that’s just a really, really sharp, really bright display.

So, great experience for video editing or photo editing or something like that.

CPUs are up to Core i7.

And what’s also with discrete graphics.

So, it’s a NVIDIA GTX940 discrete graphics.

Great for the user interface.

Even better when you’re doing rendering and using those graphics cards to help you out.

It’s going to start at around 699, go up from there, and available in about a month.

Source: Youtube