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World’s Most Advanced Headphones for Professionals On-The-Go, with Superior Calls, Sound, and Voice Commands

World’s Most Advanced Headphones for Professionals On-The-Go, with Superior Calls, Sound, and Voice Commands
  • BEST CALL QUALITY IN ANY ENVIRONMENT: Best-in-class voice quality with active beamforming for superior calls and commands anywhere; Noise Isolation and Mute for noisy environments like airports and restaurants. Build better relationships... one conversation at a time.
  • AMAZING SOUND QUALITY: Balanced armature drivers found only on premium earbuds, exceptional comfort with ComplyTM Foam Eartips, multiple digital signal processors (DSP) to enable the world's first Intelligent Sound Controls allowing you to mix the right level of Source, Ambient, and Voice to maximize any environment.
  • ALL PURPOSE HEADPHONES; ALL DAY USE: 8+ hours of continuous calls and music throughout the work day, Noise Isolation and line-in for airplanes, PCs and game consoles.  Chat mode to seamlessly connect with conversations or announcements. Comfortable, elegant and secure fit for work, travel or working out.  
  • MOST ADVANCED VOICE COMMANDS: World's First Alexa Voice Button to access millions of songs, books, radio stations; to receive knowledge, triva, news, sports and weather updates, to control smart home devices; order food, products and services plus Earbud Command Button (ECB) for convenient one-tap access to Siri, Google and calls.  All without having to access your phone.
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Rise above the noise. More than just another headphone, OV is your on-the-move, go-anywhere, do-everything mobile assistant. Always be on wherever your journey takes you.

Jotto Gear Quick Access Rugged Steel NRA Locking Handgun Holster for Car, Office, Many Locations

Jotto Gear Quick Access Rugged Steel NRA Locking Handgun Holster for Car, Office, Many Locations
Brand: Jotto Gear
  • Locking security plus quick, simple access; unlike a vault
  • Easy to install with multiple mounting options for vehicle, home, office
  • Deters thieves and keeps children safe
  • Design keeps gun clean and free from dirt, nicks and scratches
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
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The Officially Licensed NRA® Locking Handgun Holster by Jotto Gear comes with mounting brackets to give you a choice of where you want to lock your handgun when you can't carry (when traveling, attending events, etc.). It can easily be installed horizontally or vertically in your vehicle, home, or office. The rugged steel design and locking device set the Holster apart from others on the market; and help keep your gun out of the hands of thieves and curious children. A silicone lining keeps your handgun clean and free of scratches. Made in the USA and designed to fit most semi-automatic handguns, the NRA® Handgun Holster also works with most tactical lights and laser grips. For gun model compatibility, see images above.

Professional Water Flosser - Oral Care Irrigator - HydroJET ENGINEERING - Floss & Massage Settings - Cordless Dental Cleaner - Teeth Irrigation for Braces Dentures Retainers - Remove Plague Gingivitis

Professional Water Flosser - Oral Care Irrigator - HydroJET ENGINEERING - Floss & Massage Settings - Cordless Dental Cleaner - Teeth Irrigation for Braces Dentures Retainers - Remove Plague Gingivitis
Brand: Professional Teeth Whitening
  • DENTIST RECOMMENDED FLOSSING ALTERNATIVE: Professional Teeth Whitening carefully designed our oral care flossing machine to help clean those hard to reach areas in your beautiful mouth! Dental studies show that water flossing can help reduce plague and gum disease up to 29% more effective than traditional flossing.
  • DESGINED FOR BRACES & DENTURES: Our slim & ergonomic design of our toothpicks allow you to easily get between your braces or heavy plague areas in the deep back of your mollers, providing you with an overall cleaner mouth! Help reduce the addition of food, sugar, and plague from accumulating in your mouth.
  • CORDLESS & TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Our water toothbrush comes with 2 water picks and is battery operated allowing you to take it anywhere you need to go! Simply place two AA batteries in the bottom of your water pick and then fill it up in a quick 45 seconds, before picking your favorite setting and letting our oral care machine clean and massage your dirty mouth!
  • CLEANING & MASSAGE SETTINGS: Pro Teeth Whitening desgined our ultimate teeth cleaner with high and low settings. The higher setting is used to clean and reduce plague in the hard to reach areas of your jawline. Our lower setting was engineered to gently massage and stregnthen your overall gum health. Keep your teeth clean, white, and healthy with our ultimate oral irrigator.
  • 90 SECOND CLEANING TREATMENT: We desgined our water flosser to hold just over 5.5 ounces, allowing you to clean and massage your teeth for up to 90 seconds, before having to refill! We recommend filling it up with mouthwash as well, to optimize your cleaning exprience. Our tooth flosser pairs creat with Crest 3D, Listerine White, Listerine Naturals Antiseptic Mouthwash Zero Cavity Mouthwash Cool Mint Total Care UltraClean Healthywhite & Scope
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Professional Teeth Whitening scientifically designed our Dentist Recommended Water Flosser to provide our customers with a healthy, more effective way to reduce plague and improve your tooth & gum health! Studies show that water flossing can help reduce plague up to 29% more than traditional flossing! We designed our travel-friendly oral care machine to be battery operated (2 AA batteries required) and easy to use! Simply fill your oral care flosser with 165 ml of water and you will get up to 90 seconds of Cleaning Treatment! You can fill yours up with water or your Favorite Mouthwash to help optimize your cleaning results! We designed our water flosser for:

- Dentures & Braces

- Hard to Reach Teeth

- Cleaner Teeth & Stronger Gums

- Massage Sore Gums

- Flushout Germs & Bacteria

& Over 1600 Pulses Per Minute!

Buy Yours Now with Professional Teeth Whitening's Risk Free Guarantee if you aren't completely satisfied with your water flosser, simply return it within the first 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked!

LED Technologies, DPL Nuve N72 XL Pain Relief, Light Therapy Handheld System

LED Technologies, DPL Nuve N72 XL Pain Relief, Light Therapy Handheld System
  • ✔ FDA-cleared, OTC Class II medical device , 72 powerful, medical grade, pain treatment LED lights cover a large treatment area and penetrate deep into tissue to relieve aches and stiffness
  • ✔ PAIN RELIEF LIGHT THERAPY - Powerful, Medical Grade, Pain treatment LED Lights Cover A Large Treatment Area And Penetrate Deep Into Tissue To Relieve Aches And Stiffness Accelerates Healing, Reduces Inflammation, Promotes Circulation.
  • ✔ RED LIGHTT THERAPY - Relief of Pain and Stiffness Associated With Arthritis and Other Physical Ailments Safe, Natural Solution With No Negative Side Effects.
  • ✔ FSA APPROVED Device - Purchase With Your Flexible Spending Accounts.
  • ✔ SAFE For All Skin Types, Including Sensitive Skin Features dpl® Technology Which Provides Enhanced Treatment Efficacy
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This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent disease. reVive Light Therapy and LED Technologies, Inc. make no claims, representations or warranties regarding the ability of this product to cure any physical, skin, or mental conditions. A qualified health professional should be consulted with regard to any condition requiring medical attention. If you are or suspect you may be pregnant or suspect you have cancerous lesions please consult with your physician prior to using this product.

reVive Light Therapy Pain System

reVive Light Therapy Pain System
Brand: ReVIVE
  • Treats arthritis pain and stiffness
  • Helps relieve muscle spasms and joint aches
  • Helps accelerate healing
  • 60 LEDs provide maximum coverage
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Improve your skin tone for a more youthful and healthy appearance. Revive Light Therapy Pain System replicates specific UV-free light spectrums that naturally stimulates your body's cells to repair, regenerate, produce collagen and elastin's as well as naturally eliminate acne causing bacteria. With a complete set of interchangeable LED light treatment heads and supported by doll technology, Revive Light Therapy systems provide the most effective results possible.

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